Choosing An Urn

In choosing a wooden urn, you can expect to find a wide variety of woods and designs.  Luke Thornton of designs each urn individually by using the grain and color of the wood.  This makes the urn you will receive unique. Traditional turnings made on a lathe, old school joinery to fabricate different shapes, or something out of the ordinary, gives you the choice to pick the urn for you.  For Luke, the wood itself brings out the true design.  There are no other urns produced that provide the quality and care that Luke assures in finding the most beautiful figured wood.  Myrtle and maple are from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  If you are looking for USA-made products, then you have found the right place since both the trees (producing the wood) that are indigenous to Oregon, and the products are also made in Oregon.

Custom Wood Urns

Have artist Luke Thornton create a custom wood urn.

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