Holiday Gift Giving Time

This season we are hoping that the holidays will inspire relaxation and joy to all those that join in the celebrations among family and friends.  One way to do that is to think about the ease and stress free way to give a gift that is timeless and a treasure.  If you are considering purchasing a gift, please give Custom-Wood-Urns a thought.  Our urns and keepsakes are made one at a time, individually, using the most beautiful cuts of wood found.  There are so many people who have kept their beloved dog or cat cremains in a little tin box for years or maybe someone you know is still grieving over the loss of a child or a spouse even if it has been years ago.  What a truly thoughtful gift to give to those people! 

Another gift giving idea does not necessarily have to be an urn.  Luc has already many art pieces available that has not been introduced to the public.  He has wall carvings and picture frames, sculptures, furniture and more.  He has the ability to create anything for any budget. 

An additional benefit to purchasing a piece from Custom-Wood-Urns is that you are buying a Made in America product!  It is supporting a small business using wood from the Pacific Northwest and being an environmentally caring business as well. 

Remember that Custom-Wood-Urns do not charge for shipping in the US and does not ask for a deposit on any custom order.  We want people to know that we care about one another and our world. 

Custom Wood Urns

Have artist Luke Thornton create a custom wood urn.

Art Gallery

Wood sculpture and furniture art.


See the range of costs for Luke Thornton to create a custom wood urn.