Pet Urns

  Pet Urns


An Urn for your pet offers the needed closure we look for when dealing with the loss of a pet. Our pets bring us unconditional love, and that seems to flow from the time we get them until they are gone.  Urns made out of wood can provide a transition between the joy and the sorrow.  Being able to think about the wonderful time we spent with our animal friends without the sense of loss makes the grieving from past to present less enduring.


Urns with an endless variety in shapes and sizes, gives you the flexibility to have a stationary or portable monument that can be viewed at any time.  In a transforming medium that bridges the gap from grief to something that brings back the delight we had with our companions.


Wood pet urns give the warmth and feeling we get when walking through an historical home full of woodwork and furniture.  Trees and the wood we get from them have a calming effect on all of us.  The figure we see in wood is similar to gazing up at the sky and picking out shapes in clouds; and like that mesmerizing feeling we get after putting down a good book.


Urns for pets or companion urns for you and your pet are just a vessel, and they can have any shape or size.  There is no limit to the appearance, even though people tend to associate urns with the vase shapes.  What is most satisfying is to create an urn that produces the right fit for your pet and display area that you have chosen.  Your pet urn is the finest showcase to express your love and devotion for your pet.

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