What is the difference between a relief carving and a sculpture for a custom wood urn?

A sculpture is three dimensional and a relief carving is two dimensional.  Examples of urns for pets and urns for people may be found in the Gallery section of this website.


What size wood pet urn will be good for a large dog breed?

130-150 cubic inches should hold most pets.

In the event that more space is needed, I can provide a larger urn.


What is a keepsake/urn?

A keepsake/urn can be used to hold all or a portion of the cremains.


What is a keepsake?

A keepsake is commonly used when the majority of the cremains are to be scattered.  A keepsake of any size holds a small amount of the cremains for memory.


What size pet cremation urn is needed for a small breed?

The standard measurement is for every 1 pound of your pet's weight = 1 cubic inch of cremains. This may vary and I can accommodate it for you.


Can people urns be used for pets and pet urns be used for people?

Yes, any urn can be used for either people or pets.


There are so many urns that claim to be custom, what is the difference?

Marketing strategies fuel the need to set their products apart from others.

The process from beginning to end are made individually by me for you.


If I need to reach you in a hurry by mail or phone, how do I do that? 

I can be reached by toll-free number:  888-813-1394 or my personal cell phone:  541-661-0671 and my email address is:  urns@custom-wood-urns.com


What are my shipping options?

At this time, we are providing free shipping using UPS as a service to our customers in the United States.


What is your return policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied, you will be fully refunded provided that you return the product in its original condition.  You will be responsible for shipping fees.


What is a niche?

A niche is a space or encasement that holds an urn and usually placed in a mausoleum.  It is purchased similar to a grave plot.


Can you make jewelry to hold the cremains?

Yes, I can create a pendant in any design.

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