Luc created a beautiful urn for my daughter, Nikki. He spent time talking to me about her and her life. He totally understood what I was saying and what was needed for her. The result was the beautiful whale "Bella". Luc kept me up to date with videos of the emergence of this beautiful whale and was kind and caring all through the process. I would recommend him and his services with no reservations.
Michele Koonin

I was looking for a wood urn suitable for a U.S. born and raised Theravada Buddhist. Luc Thornton worked his magic and crafted a beautiful urn that we call "Dharma Wheel". (You can see it in the Art Gallery section of his web site.) I very much liked how Luc partnered with me on the design, the choices he gave me in regard to materials, and most especially his periodic video updates. I could not be happier with the final product; it truly is a work of art and it is a daily source of pleasure and contentment for me.

I want to say how very thankful I am of the amazing urn you created for my love, Gary. I am so glad I kept searching for the right person to create a special urn. It was a pleasure working with you and the way you kept me abreast of the work was wonderful. I think it was cosmic how you knew our favorite color was purple (the base color).I cannot think of enough words to express what I am feeling tonight after moving Gary's ashes into the urn and placing it on his dresser tonight.
Peace and love.
August 12, 2013

The urn arrived in perfect shape and it was everything I expected it to be and more. I can't thank you enough. You have made a hard time for me a little easier.

When I first contacted Luke Thornton he listened to my ideas for what I wanted in a companion urn. Together we came up with a workable project. He kept me apprised of his progress every step of the way with pictures and descriptions of the process. The finished project was even better than I was led to expect. He made my vision come to life in three dimensional detail that made for a truly stunning urn. Luke truly made a difficult time for me easier. Losing a loved one is never easy but with Luke's help I feel like I am honoring my husband in the way he deserves to be honored.
Linda R. Alziebler

"Luke, I can’t really tell you in so many words what you meant to me over this past year. All I know is that your kindness and compassion in helping me create the urn of mine and my husband’s dream was the wisest choice I ever made. It was such a hard time for me, as such times usually are for people, and with a sense of calm and patience you explained things to me in a way I could understand and let me feel like I was part of the process. I was doing SOMETHING in the wake of my husband’s death. It made me feel useful and I needed that badly right then. I am so very proud of our creation and I recommend you to anyone needing your kinds of services. I wish there was more I could do for you after all you have done for me."
Linda Alziebler
June 17, 2013

To whom it may concern:
Luke Thornton created for me a custom myrtlewood urn for my parents. What made this urn so special is that Luke was able to wrap the widest portion of the urn with an image of sheet music and the notes to the melody of the song “Stardust”. This was done with a selection of woods that when assembled resembled a sheet music staff and corresponding black notes. As both of my parents were professional musicians, and the song “Stardust” was their favorite song, Luke was able to create a unique memorial for them. The urn was topped with a lid that had a heart as the top finial. He then created a myrtlewood picture frame with raised walnut treble and bass clefs.

My expectations for the project were exceeded by the finished result. Luke was able to create this vision by working closely with me, and being attentive to every detail. Luke is an amazing artist, whose abilities to listen and create are only surpassed by his abilities to deliver a product. Luke is a fantastic craftsman with gifted woodworking talents. I would look forward to working with him again.
Bob Manners, DC
July 14, 2012

Received bone on Tuesday took awhile but well worth it Kicks Ass!!!!!!! Can't say enough Jane went out like a rock star Package was well packed thank you for the card means a lot Attention to detail a pleasure to see.
Thanks again for making it possible
Enjoy the rest of the summer
June 23, 2012

Hello Luc,
You are correct in your assumption that the piece arrived in perfect shape. It is even more beautiful in person than any of the video updates could show. In fact it is so realistic that it brings tears to both Cindy and my eyes every time we looked at it. We have only now almost two weeks after receiving it are we able to actually place Kira and her special belongings in the urn. She was such a big part of our lives it was only fitting to have her final resting place be so beautiful. Your expertise in helping us with the proper dimensioning made sure everything that was special to her will be with her forever. We will recommend your artwork to everyone we know that is in need of special piece for their departed companion. As I told you before you will be forever a part of memory of Kira. We wish your family much Health and Happiness and consider you a friend.
Andy & Cindy
April 3, 2012

When my beloved Phoebe passed away suddenly in November,I was heartbroken and wanted her final resting place to be a piece of beauty and something that would reflect the kind of cat she was. I searched the Internet for urns that would reflect the quiet regal cat she was yet was unusual and would fit into my home as a work of art.

For months I looked and looked. I was reading an issue of Modern Dog when I saw a small article about custom-wood-urns.com. I immediately went to their website and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Unusual, beautiful urns that weren't the run of the mill urns I had seen in my prior searches. I contact Custom Wood Urns and Luke contacted me in a very short time frame. Over the next couple weeks Luke and I worked together to make a urn that would reflect Phoebe's wonderful spirit. The urn came out more beautiful than I could imagine. Luke and his wife are warm wonderful people who really listened to what I wanted and the urn reflects their love for their craft.

It is difficult to say I look forward to working with them in the future as that will mean another one of my beloved animals will no longer be with me. I know Luke will translate my feeling and make me more beautiful urns in the future.
April 3, 2012

I was impressed by the urns as they are truly works of art. I wanted to have a unique piece made for my dog, and the process was very collaborative. I received my urn, and it was truly exceptional. It serves as a piece of decorative art on y bookcase awaiting the occasion of its use. I was so pleased that we are considering another for my wife's dog.
All the best,
January, 2012

Dear Luke,
I buried my father's cremains today. I wanted to express my great gratitude for the work you've done! The urn turned out so beautifully! Everybody was asking where did I get it! It looked amazing! Simple, sophisticated and elegant. I couldn't be more pleased.
Again, thank you very much for handling my special order in a timely manner and with such understanding, support and professionalism.
I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for custom made wood art.
Egle Atencio
September, 2011

"A couple of months ago, we suddenly lost our beloved black labrador retriever who was part of our family for 11 years. Once the decision was made to cremate him, we went online to look for a nice urn to hold his cremains. After coming across Custom Wood Urns online, the urns shown on the website were very lovely and prompted us to make a call to the artist. Living near us, we stopped by and met with Luke Thornton. Luke and his wife, Kate, gave us comfort in a very difficult time, and we easily made our urn choice.

Luke kept us apprised of all stages from beginning to the final product by sending us video updates via e-mail. Not very often can we find that kind of attention keeping us informed on an item we have ordered. It was also a great way of keeping us involved.

Luke took the time to perfect his work - the urn we ordered through Custom Wood Urns is just beautiful, and we have displayed it in our great room on a table that holds family photos, including photos of our beloved black lab. Luke is very confident of his talent as an artist, and our urn as a piece of artistic work proves this.

We highly recommend Custom Wood Urns as one of the best choices when purchasing an urn for a lost loved one - whether it be for a person or pet. Thank you Luke and Kate for your compassion during a very difficult time of our lives."
Ed & Linda Thomas
Gold Beach, OR

"I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on my father's urn. It arrived today in great condition. Thank you again. I think my dad would have loved it."
Marieke von Rotz
San Francisco, CA

"After losing my Greatest Love, with no prior expectation of, a close friend told me of Luke Thornton's excellent craftsmanship and customizing options for the final resting place, post cremation, of the one I loved the most in my entire life. Mr. Thornton's demeanor was one of soothing, caring, and kindness as he gently guided me through the many options I could choose from that were very far less costly than what the limited choices the mortuaries had to offer. I am so heartfelt grateful to Mr. Thornton that through him I have my Greatest Love's ashes, in what reminds me the most of my wonderful husband who I loved with all my heart, mind, and soul.
Thank you so much Mr. Thornton."
Roxane Brown
Eureka, CA

"I was about to buy two cloisonne urns for my parents from what looked to be a big company based on the size of its website and the number of its offerings and found that the same urns were used in a couple of other niches in the mausoleum. I wanted my parents' urns to be unique, so I searched around some more and stumbled onto Luke's site and was relieved to have finally found something original, custom built, understated, timeless and very reasonably priced.

The only problem was that our niche was a tad small so Luke took the urns we wanted and scaled them down a little so that they didn't looked too cramped inside the niche. Luke also let us pick out the wood and explained the whole building process. The construction went very smoothly and expeditiously and Luke provided in progress photos. We received the urns in a couple of weeks in a well protected package. My mother and I highly recommend going to Luke if you're looking for a wood urn. Actually, we weren't considering wood urns at first but Luke's beautiful designs changed our minds."
Steve Ho
New York

"After trying to order custom urns from other artists and getting no responses, I was pleasantly surprised by Luke and his professionalism. Not only was he very easy to work and communicate with, he was very speedy in his responses. When we decided on the final project he kept me updated on his progress with pictures every step of the way so I wasn't surprised when we received the beautiful works of art."
by Ken and Sharon Ashton
Carmel Valley, CA

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